Information technologies are in constant transition. As major tech companies continually vie for dominant market share, we seem to be in a continual cycle of "the next big thing". The truth is that the last decade has spawned the most rapid changes in information technology ever, and it is a constant struggle to maintain pace with the changing technology landscape.

Working with all the latest technologies ensures that your company can have the same features and effects that adorn the major social media sites such as Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Web Development

Tekquest can design, build and host websites and/or web applications which run the gamut from simple "brochure" web sites with no database integration, to large scale intranet sites, to web services which syndicate data with external business partners.

Content Management Systems

Gone are the days of needing FTP access, HTML editors, and a BS in computer science to manage your website. Through the use of a content management system (CMS) all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to update your website anytime from anywhere.  Tekquest proudly supports the Mura CMS platform.

eCommerce Development

Tekquest can built your custom online storefront and handle all the messy details of setup, including secure certificates, merchant accounts and payment processing gateways.

Mobile Development

Mobile device computing is rapidly becoming the predominant tool for on-the-go business computing.  Devices such as smart phones and tablets (iPad, Galaxy, etc) are so powerful now that they are outselling laptops and notebooks and will very soon dominate the business computing landscape. As such, many companies are turning to mobile apps to power their businesses.

We can analyze your requirements to determine if a mobile app is right for your business domain, versus a mobile friendly website, and bring your requirements to life. 

Web Hosting

We specialize in offering affordable Windows web and/or application hosting for small to medium size businesses, with an emphasis on providing support for Adobe's ColdFusion application server environment.

Tekquest is not a high-volume hosting provider, we don't have $8.95 per month plans, and we don't support dedicated hosting at this time. Most of our business is referral by our existing customers, and we host most of the applications we develop. We don't offer 24x7 phone support, although the servers are monitored 24x7. We don't have customer control panels and such at this point, although you can administer your own domain email accounts. If you need service, you pick up the phone and tell us what you want. We will normally expedite your request within an hour.

Emerging Technology

At Tekquest, we are committed to staying abreast of emerging technology.  We believe that the best technologies are dispersed, and there is no 'one stop' shop for technology solutions.  As a result, we are at home using both proprietary and open source tools. We favor Adobe and Microsoft technologies in the proprietary space, while embracing open source development frameworks and code libraries.