Creative Media

Creative Media

Technical Illustrations

If your organziation has a requirement to translate engineering concepts into visual technical illustraions, we can help.


The web has become the major resource for customer relations with a company. Companies successfully using websites on the web are conveying a unified theme to get their message across to their customers. The elements of this identity include not only a well-designed company logo, but a marriage of publishing templates which include website and interface design, business cards, letterhead, brochures and other marketing materials. If your company requires a fresh approach to it's identity, we can help you.

Web/UX Design

The user or navigational interface for a successful web application can be as critical as the processing going on behind the scenes. We design interfaces using standard HTML/JavaScript, as well as using Ajax and Adobe Flash™ for dynamic visuals. At Tekquest, our goal is to successfully marry compelling graphical interfaces with functional systems optimized for performance and ease of navigation.

Graphic Design

Our award-winning designers can create graphics for logos, website images, banners, brochures and other print and/or electronic media.