Project Briefs

Business Objects EPartners Intranet

Business Objects is one of the largest and most successful companies in the Information Technology world, and one of the leading purveyors of Business Intelligence Software, including Crystal Reports, probably the most popular Windows report writer on the market.

Tekquest provided outsourcing support for the Business Objects ePartners Intranet site up until 2004. In addition to hosting the site, we were responsible for developing and maintaining all partner registrations and reporting applications, as well as the administrative maintenance applications.

Project Management System (PMS)

PMS was built for the Energy Infomation Administration (EIA) branch of the Department of Energy (DOE) to manage and track and archive the 70,000 publications (products) on the EIA website. These products were posted by 40 different web authors under no procedural constraints.  As a result, management had no way to determine the product composition on the site at any given moment.

PMS consisted of two different application components; a web crawler (spider) which cataloged the site every night, and a web application which allowed content authors and management staff to view and update the catalog, as well as run summary reports.

PMS was built using ColdFusion 4.0 and Microsoft Access.

Interactive Query (IQ)

IQ, and it's successor IQ2, were Web-enabled client/server applications that enabled Internet users to create on-the-fly custom reports and graphs against a data warehouse, presenting the output in a variety of formats. Built and deployed for EIA, this application was one of the very first data-driven sites created and deployed by the DOE, in early 1996.  The application was featured in a short news story on CNN in 1998.

Environmental Threat and Analysis System (ETARS)

ETARS is used to correlate Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test data against real-world electromagnetic threats against aircraft, and provides graphic hardcopies which are included as attachments to a final report. ETARS has been used successfully on numerous EMC tests, and has been estimated to save a man-month worth of effort.

First built using FoxPro for Windows 2.6 in 1994, ETARS was enhanced and upgraded to run under Visual FoxPro 6.0 in 1999. It is currently being used in support of the Joint Strike Fighter (JFS) program at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Patuxent River Maryland.


GlobalSmart was a portal site for the smart card industry.  Although it no longer exists due to poor management, it was a innovative website, both from a design and data-driven viewpoint.  The GlobalSmart site used a kiosk metaphor for navigation, cleverly using frames to update content without refreshing the entire homepage.  This site layout and navigation were designed by Scott Rossi.

We used ColdFusion 4.0 and MS SQL Server to develop the backend application, which allowed GS partners to maintain their own content while also providing an administrative application.

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